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Melanie S Jane is an English singer-songwriter living in North East England.

Melanie S Jane's sound has so far been described as quirky, ethereal, psychedelic, with an alternative edge.

Melanie creates all the music herself, using synths and guitars. Live performances Melanie S Jane likes to perform with guitar and also her own created keyboard, drums, bass, synth sounds that are heard on the recordings. To hear more of Melanie S Jane's songwriting check out the band Emerald Stone

  Some early influences: The Beatles, Early Bowie, Hawkwind. Explore the site to learn more about Melanie S Jane.


Music: Albums/Eps


Inner frequencies front cover 0.jpg
Out of Nowhere front cover square.jpg
All In A Moment front cover distrokid_ed
In the moonlight cover front distrokid.jpg
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Melanie S Jane
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Gigs/slots/festivals 2024

psych night and alternative Staffs 27th jan.jpg
little buildings newcastle 8-2-24.jpg
Alternative music night Staffs 16-03-24.jpg
Trillians 2024 All Heats cropped.jpg
seghill gala festival 2024.jpg
Station East poster June 15th gig.jpg
mother fhungas 2024.jpg
Over the moon - station east 16th july.jpg
Gorse fest poster.jpg
anfest 2024.jpg
Smile wide together music festival sun 29th sep 2024.jpg
Station East poster Nov 2nd gig.jpg
Queen of spades boston November 2024.jpg


Nova Radio Newcastle, I am going into Nova Radio's studio on Elaine Rennie's show between 2 and 4pm on Wed 1st November 2023. I will be having a chat about my music and Elaine is going to playing some of my tunes โœจ๐ŸŒŸ

Nova radio.jpg

Really cool Adventures In Plasticland Radio Show on CKWR

The Temple of Shadows Psychedelic & Space Rock Show, all these cool shows are on mix cloud

temple of shadows 25th may 2023.jpg
temple of shadows 28th sep 2023.jpg
temple of shadows 103.jpg
temple of shadows 82.jpg

โ€‹Big thanks to all the radio stations playing my music:


Spaced Out Sunday show on Real Rock Radio, The Temple of Shadows on One World Radio, Adventures In Plasticland Radio Show on CKWR.


RadioAcademy Alternative (Folkestone radio), The Northern Beat (Radio Hartlepool), Radio Wigwam,  Banks Music Promotion, Unknown Sounds, WWK Unsigned (Merseyside radio), Tommy Clark (Pulse 98.4), Good Music Radio, Outta Limits (New Brighton Radio), Music City Digital Media Network, Marions Folk Festival, Liz Taylor (Eden FM), Nova Radio (Newcastle), Black on Track radio show (Hangover radio), YDN (radio Brighton), Circl8 radio), I am 4 u radio, Sunshine Music Radio, Radio Sylvia, Rock Steady94, Otto radio, Dover Community Radio, Steve Garnett's New Music Radio (, Flyflewradio


Wow! I'm a finalist for ARTIST OF THE YEAR 2023! on The Unsigned Music Show with Mike Ryan. Thank you to everyone who voted  ๐ŸŒˆ๐Ÿ™‚♥๏ธ

Angle of Perception - new album release date 28th April 2023!!  ๐ŸŒˆ๐ŸŽต

Angle of perception.jpg

Album/ep artwork info
The artwork on all the albums and eps was created by Julie Leonovs. Website:





Delighted to have of had these 2 collaborations with these two brilliant artists:


"Shop of Wonders" collaboration with Bosh in 2023. Music by Bosh and vocals/lyrics/melody by Melanie S Jane. Mixed by Bosh in 2024.


Out on 4th April 2022 Varisonik and Melanie S Jane - The magic has run dry.  And also with Shaun's Wireframe - Thoughts. These 2 songs were written by Varisonik.

The Magic has run dry video:



โ€‹13-07-21 live on the Outta Limits show! - New Brighton Radio (listen back  on:


Outta Limits 192 : Liam Johnston : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive)

Finalist 2023 unsigned music show with Mike Ryan.jpg

Gonzo magazine June 2019

Home: Gallery


Moon Landings at Station East, Gateshead  (16th July 2024)

Melanie taken by snaz 5.jpg

Mother Fhungus Solstice Festival (June 2024)


The Globe, Newcastle (September 2023)

melanie globe 14-09-23.jpg
melanie globe 14-09-23 2.jpg

Renee Berg's Party at Wolfies (August 2023)

Wolfie and Simon.jpg

Wow! what a party! here with Wolfie and Simon Cole

Ollie and Twink.jpg

Had a nice chat with Ollie and Twink (Pink Fairies, Syd Barret, peformed with Hawkwind, Pretty Things , Them)

Angel and Renee.jpg

Absolutely amazing! watching the lovely Renee Berg (Nik Turner's Space Ritual, Grateful Dead) and Angel (Arthur Brown) dancing together at Wolfie's party for Renee

secret party 12th aug 2023 5 lighter.jpg

Psych Night at The Pack Horse, Leeds June 2023

melanie 2.jpg

Summer Solstice Celebrations 2023

melanie s jane 4.jpg

Stonehenge free festival (summer solstice 2022)

summer solstace 2022 6.jpg
summer solstace 2022 11.jpg
summer solstace 2022 13.jpg

Gorse Festival, New Brighton June 2022

Gorse fest 2.jpg

Party in the Park Festival July 2021, New Brighton

Party in the park 1.jpg
Party in the park 2_edited.jpg

Mollys Chambers, Birkenhead 2021

mollies chambers 15-07-21.jpg

During the Make the Move video 2021

Melanie S Jane pic 3.jpg

Carvern Pub, Liverpool October 2019

During the filming of the Silver Beam video May/June 2020 

Wheatsheaf Summer Festival August 2019, New York, Tyne & Wear

In the Moonlight video May 2019

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